Legion Expansion Pre-Patch Arrives July 19th!


Get ready, Legion is almost here!  We welcome all members old and new to come back and join us for the events leading up to the Legion launch.  We are also actively recruiting at this time to ensure we have a full raid roster ready to go when Legion raiding is opened.  Join us today!

Legion arrives on 8/30/2016


The expansion has finally received a launch date and it is about 4 months out.  We welcome all members to come back to NGW to raid with us in the new expansion!

NGW vs Herald of the Titans

It has been a slow few weeks for NGW as we work on Xhul’horac progression so here is a win that 10 of us scored yesterday!  In other news we have cut Sunday raids until Legion arrives, be sure to show up on Tues/Thurs!