3/10 BRF - Heroic Flamebender
Posted 1 day ago by Mesmoque

This week we were able to take down Heroic Flamebender in Blackrock Foundry.  We plan to push for more progression in heroics this week and could use more recruits.  We are currently seeking exceptional DPS characters of any class but specifically we are looking for the classes listed to the left.  Please do apply today and join us tomorrow!

Also, welcome back Dalfiuss!

BRF Progression Continues...
Posted 1 week ago by Mesmoque

This week we went back into Blackrock Foundry for a few more kills.  We ended up taking down Hans'gar on Heroic and Maidens on Normal.  We also put a bit of time into Heroic Beastlord Darmac but did not score a kill this reset.

Next week we will be working on clearing Normal Blackrock Foundry and some more Heroic progression as time allows.

Heroic Gruul
Posted 3 weeks ago by Mesmoque

Heroic Gruul down after a Gruuling night of mistakes!  Can only get better from here?

Moving on to additional bosses this Sunday.  We are still looking for recruits, apply today!