4/13 Heroic - Kormrok
Posted 1 day ago by Mesmoque

We decided to get our feet wet with Heroics this week and it paid off.  We were able to secure 4 kills in Heroic Hellfire Citadel.

Up next week will be more work on Heroics and hopefully a clear in Normal mode.

We are still looking for exceptional players to join our team (as always) as we look forward to Mythic mode.    Apply today!

Hellfire Citadel Opens
Posted 1 week ago by Mesmoque

This week patch 6.2 dropped and with it came the Hellfire Citadel raid.  NGW has been progressing through normal mode this past week and so far we've taken down 9 bosses out of the 13.

We are still recruiting exceptional players of all classes/roles as we move into Heroics and hopefully Mythic mode, please do apply now and join us in our siege of Hellfire Citadel!

10/10 Heroic - Blackrock Foundry Cleared
Posted 2 months ago by Mesmoque

Last week we were able to secure a kill on Heroic Blackhand which completed the tier on Heroic for the guild.  We are still looking for more recruits in-order to enter Mythic raiding, please do apply now!

Updates may be slow until the next tier arrives, potentially in June?