9/10 Heroic - The Blast Furnace
Posted 3 weeks ago by Mesmoque

Blast Furnace went down this reset after a few days of work.  We took Easter off this week so only two nights in BRF but our off-night was used to score a kill on Heroic Imperator (thanks Dalf!).

We are seeking more players to join us for Mythic raiding once we take down H Blackhand, please do apply now if you are interested in joining our ranks!

8/10 - Heroic Iron Maidens Down
Posted 1 month ago by Mesmoque

Heroic Iron Maidens went down this week after a few days of work.  We were also able to finally take down Blackhand to finish out Blackrock Foundry on Normal difficulty.  Two more Heroic bosses remain in Blackrock Foundry, expect some work on Furnace this coming reset.

7/10 - Heroic Kromog
Posted 1 month ago by Mesmoque

This past week we were able to secure a kill on Heroic Kromog and we finally stepped foot into Blackhand's room.  

We are still looking for raiders to join our ranks - join today and YOU TOO can do the NGDubstep.

* Conoss won the competition for the S.E.L.F.I.E. shot, Enara's entry was very close to winning also.