12/13 Heroic - Mannoroth Down
Posted 1 week ago by Mesmoque

Busy week but we've managed to get 12 of 13 Heroics down with time to work on Heroic Archimonde.  We are inching even closer to Mythic and could use a few more recruits to help us get there.
Diablo 3 season starts soon, join us in the clan "Nethergard Watch" for a good time with seasonal toons and possibly a few running hardcore!

11/13 Heroic - Tyrant & Fel Lord Down!
Posted 2 weeks ago by Mesmoque

We did it!  Fel Lord is finally down!  We're starting to get close to Mythics now, please do apply today - we are especially looking for skilled and geared healers to help round out our core team.

Join us(aka me) on the new guild website over at https://beta.nethergardwatch.com

9/13 Heroic - Xhul'horac Down!
Posted 2 weeks ago by Mesmoque

The week isn't over but we took down two more Heroics already.  Socrethar the Eternal and Xhul'horac are the two that we've taken down so far this week.  Come prepared for more kills on Sunday!

Come join us on the beta guild website for NGW at http://beta.nethergardwatch.com, over there you can leave comments on the news ;-)